Friday, 26 May 2017

Seascape - Finishing the land

After scouring the internet for beach and grass scenes, I finished this in a minimal way, in shades of brown, gold and greens.
Nothing left but the sea itself and the sky.

Seascape - Decisions on the Fly

Things change constantly. Everyday brings a fresh view and decisions need to be made that do affect the whole piece.
I posted this picture yesterday.

Later in the day I trimmed away most of the netting that was impinging on the sky and in the subsequent photo the remainder created an unexpected shadow... of land.

Today I cut a piece of material and inserted it on trial.

They never stop.

Well I like it so.....
I gave parts of the fabric piece a light green stain/paint and fused it into position.
Further stitching to come.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Seascape - raw work

Time to green up those hills.
This is the result of an overlay of stained cheesecloth.
Lots of stitching yet to do.

( Hubby wants a LIGHTHOUSE........sigh.......Men!)

So here's the piece with initial stitching over netting with the batting and canvas backing in placeamd with initial cropping applied.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Down to the Sea......

Forgive my absence yesterday.
I couldn't focus.
It was the day I mailed my CQA entries.
It was like putting my young boys on the bus for summer camp.
No. Actually,..... it was worse.  😟
But I received notice today they were safely delivered. So I stopped holding my breath...and went back to work. 😌

To the Sea!
To the surf precisely.
I tried a couple of different yarns and fibres. In the end I went with a fringed poly that I stitched in place and then trimmed back.
Our old friend (and hard to use effectively) Angelina was valuable here to give some sparkle. It was fused and slipped under the yarn and stitched down.

Once again this is background work. It can stay a bit messy for that reason.
How I finish the hills and cliff edge will make things clear.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Seascape - a Breakthrough.........FINALLY

I had been so frustrated by this piece. It had been a month and still, every time I looked at it, the shoreline moved or didn't work. I figured out the blockage was caused by the white edge. Everyone had said they really liked it. But it didn't work for me.

What was it? Surf? Cliff? Shore edge? I just couldn't see it.

This piece was definitely NOT Dover but I felt like I was being pushed that way.

So after ignoring it for a long time.........I came home.. first to Lake Huron,

and then to PEI....

to cliffs I HAD experienced to and could readily revisit.
It was as simply as that.

Using burlap and cheesecloth, I got rid of the white edge and replaced it with red "sandstone".

Still a ways to go, but now I SEE it.