Friday, 23 February 2018

Spring Thaw - Day 10

I went on a little excursion yesterday and found some materials for my NEXT project. Some of you know me well. I won't begin the next until this one is off my radar. More about that, later.

So today?.....

Though it's a departure from my usual rule of working from the back forward, I'm concentrating on the shadows. Their position needs to be exact to be realistic, so that's the focus right now. When the darker line is locked in place then the rest of the fill can be placed around it.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Spring Thaw - Day 9

Spring thaw for real it seems.
We had 36 hrs of WARM and Rain. All the snow is gone.
The down side was the resultant flooding in the low areas.

There was a tragedy in Grand Valley, a loss of life to the flood. I had been there for the workshop on Saturday. Some of the members may have been touched personally. My thoughts go to those ladies.

Shadow work.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Spring Melt - Spring Thaw - Day 8

Finally remembered the word I wanted THAW, not melt.

I went ahead and placed all the trees. They are fused at the top into the sky. The lower area is loose so I can move it while placing the ground cover. The trees certainly change the feel of the whole view.

I wasn't sure about the leaning bole on the right but now that it's in place I see it does balance the distorted one on the left.
I may get back to this today.

Monday, 19 February 2018

Spring Melt - Day 7

I hardly spent a day on this but I did complete a section.

After I put away the teaching materials from the workshop, the UNUSUALLY tidy work space seduced me into a few hours of collage work. I progressed to the point where I need to address the addition of more trees and the placement of some shadow. My brain just wasn't willing this afternoon.


Post Workshop

There was a time I could stand on my feet all day.......and go dancing.
HA! Those days are over. Yesterday was a rest day. I put my feet up.

11 participants from the Dufferin Piecemakers Guild met in the lovely town of Grand Valley. I think there were also a couple of.........OBSERVERS.

A number were very proficient. We looked at their work and tried to decide why they were unhappy, or why they were stuck. It always helps to get a pair of fresh eyes.
A number had to deal with the fact their "retreat" machines were only capable of"normal sewing". It was great when we could find a workaround. One woman went home and brought back her "real" machine.
As well as looking at creative ways to put life into their work with unusual fabric treatments, we played with hoop work using netting and stabilizers as a way to get some detailed work onto their pieces without the risk of Free Motion distortion.

And 2? of these fun ladies finished their pieces.

It was great to watch the dynamics of this group who were obviously good friends and very close.

They promised me I'd get photos of their completed art. I can hardly wait.